What is High Blood Pressure and how it related to Hair Loss

What is high blood pressure

For many balding men, life seems so unfair. Not just because they have to deal with hair loss, but because according to the latest research, bald men are also prone to develop and suffer from heart-related diseases. The Japanese health researchers found out that men who are suffering from baldness are more susceptible to developing coronary artery disease, kidney problems and diabetes than men who have a full head of hair.

The common causes of heart diseases is hypertension (it’s when systolic pressure in your arteries is higher than 140 mmHg and your diastolic pressure level is higher than 90 mmHg) and related diseases. With this in mind, you may find a link between hypertension and balding. This may be circumstantial, but with the different studies conducted around the world about the relation of the two, people will be able to understand the connection between them.


Balding is mainly caused by hormonal changes. Those people who are suffering from baldness are known to suffer from hormonal imbalances in the scalp that can create a problem in hair growth. This is one of the symptoms that connect this problem to hypertension.

There are also medications for hypertension, which are related to hair thinning. In one of the studies done, it was found out that the medicine that is being used to help in widening the blood vessels can contribute to the many reasons why people with hypertension also experience baldness. These studies also showed that men, in particular, who are suffering from this problem are observed to have the highest rate of getting stroke compared to those with less hair problem.


The medical connection between HBP and baldness was discovered when the doctors from Brigham and Woman’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts have found out that guys who are losing hair on the top of their head have a higher risk of developing heart diseases.

Compared to those with normal blood pressure, men with high levels of cholesterol and hypertension are coming from a group of men who are losing hair from the head’s crown. These findings were based on the study conducted on 22,000 men and women who are between the age of 40 and 84. The 11-year study has reported that 1,500 of these men suffered from a type of coronary disease and 62 percent of them are suffering balding problems.

The link between baldness and heart diseases can also be caused by the high levels of testosterone, where bald men have higher levels of the said male hormone. High levels of testosterone can also lead to suffering from problems such as blood clotting and atherosclerosis.


According to Nlm.Nig.Gov, heart disease can be highly preventable. This is good news among balding men because they can take some necessary actions to reduce the risk of developing heart ailments. Although you cannot prevent it due to family history or hair loss, there are factors of heart disease that can be modified. This can be done by living a healthy lifestyle and decreasing amount of salt intake. You should avoid smoking, follow a healthy diet and start eating healthy foods and exercise regularly. Prevention is always better than any treatment! This way, you can assure to have normal BP and cholesterol level. For additional information about hypertension, please check Bloodpressuremagazine.com.